guest list for sheen

guest list for sheen

guest list for sheen


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or E-mail
Include Full Name, E-mail address and Mailing Address


How often does the magazine come out?

SHEEN Magazine is Published Bi-Monthly


How can I contact SHEEN Magazine about my subscription?


with any questions you have about your subscription.


When will my subscription begin?

After you submit payment Your SHEEN Magazine subscription begins with the next issue of the magazine


When does my subscription expire?

SHEEN Magazine subscriptions expire at the time your receive your fourth magazine if you subscribed for 1 year or at the time you receive your eighth issue if you subscribed for 2 years.


I will be moving soon; when should I write to inform you?

E-mail your change of address
at least 30 days prior to your actual move.

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How can I get back issues of SHEEN Magazine?

Back Issues are available in PDF Format and Original Paperback Format
at a cost of $2.95 S&H for PDF FORMAT or $4.95 S&H for Paperback FORMAT
To request a Back Issue of SHEEN Magazine
Please include Full Name, Complete Address and E-mail Address
*Remember to specify either PDF or Paperback format.


Do you make my name available to other companies?

No - Click Here to view the SHEEN Privacy Policy


What is SHEEN Magazine's Privacy Policy?

Click Here to view the SHEEN Privacy Policy