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guest list for sheen

guest list for sheen


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5 Ways to a Happier Valentine’s Day (For Singles)

January 31, 2013


 1. Girls Night Out: If you and your friends are single, make a night of it! Who says Valentines Day had to be for couples?


2. Treat Yourself: Got no one buying you flowers or chocolates? Instead of wishing for a boyfriend, just break down and buy it for yourself. You deserve it.


3. Make a change: If you’re a single girl looking to change your status, give that guy a call. You know the one.


4. Family Fun: Spend some time with family (preferably single). Maybe, Reconnect with a cousin you haven’t seen in years.


5. Stay Positive: Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, stay positive! Valentine’s Day is just a holiday to celebrate love; not a ploy to send all singles into a hopeless depression.