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Blacks and the Alter President Mary Chatman is working to dismantle the idea that African Americans don't get married through her bridal expo.
October 28, 2012

We have all heard it before: Black people do not get married. And although we all may have more than a few single Black girlfriends, the idea that Black people are not tying the knot just is not true. As a matter of fact, Black people account for a large percentage of money spent in the bridal industry. This factor is the fuel behind President Mary Chatman starting The expo, a bridal showcase targeted towards brides of color. Taking a break from planning the expo's stop in Atlanta, Chatman spoke with Sheen about her business and the misconception that Black women are destined to be forever single.

Sheen: How did the show get started?

Mary Chatman: Earlier this year, the previous owner of

was approached by a film company to cross promote Jumping the Broom.

In order to do this, we came up with the idea to do a show, which we did

last April. We gained the partnership, and from there, the idea to continue

the show was born.

Sheen: Where does this idea come from that Black women do not get married?

MC: Personally, I think it's because of what is portrayed in the media, this

idea that marriage is for White people. Black women spend 1.6 billion

dollars on weddings every year.

So how do we erase this idea?

MC: Getting the word out. We have to constantly portray a positive image of black couples and people. We have to stay positive and continue to look to the positive images that are out there.

Sheen: What sets apart from other bridal websites out there?

MC: What sets it apart is that it's an online resource for brides of color. We also offer and after the aisle section for tools after marriage. This year we are also taking the show on the road. I know people are hungry for it and want it because people have come to me about it. This is proof that Black people are getting married. -HC