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guest list for sheen

guest list for sheen

guest list for sheen


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Create the Look

Glam squad for Sparkle star Tika Sumpter gives us the deets on her cover-ready look.

by Holly Clay | October 26, 2012


Micah McDonald:


Stylist The inspiration for her cover look was the ‘20s with
a modern twist. I chose a lot of 20s inspired beading, sequence, feathers, and high necklines. I looked to Rita Hayworth and Josephine Baker for

Genelle Brooks-Stylist

“When it comes to Estelle, we never know what look we
are going to go with. But I pull my inspiration from model Iman in the ‘70s and Bianca Jaggar. I also pay attention
to tailoring and draping.”

Sean Cameron- Hair Stylist

“Estelle has a simple bowl cut. She wraps it at night, and does a light flat iron during the day. For the look for the
photo shoot, we used curling irons to style her hair and
Elgin Charles hair care products.”