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guest list for sheen

guest list for sheen


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A Look Says a Thousand Words

by Amili Zelaya | January 27,2013



Every girl knows that when it comes to winning, his gaze is an infallible prize.  With CyZone Mousse New Eye Shadow, your eyes will always be the star of your nights.

CyZone Mousse New Eye Shadow includes 6 shades: violet mousse, raspberry mousse, gold mousse, celest mousse, black and navy mousse can achieve a finished look without any creases.  The applicator glides smoothly over the eyelid.  Before it dries, apply a second coat.  To increase intensity, apply additional layers of eye shadow and blend with your finger.  By taking these steps you can achieve a long-lasting look for up to eight hours.

Would you like to know how Full Mousse Eye Shadow will look on you? Go to virtual makeup test and pick the shade of your choice!


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