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NP Color Manic

October 22, 2012


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A new enamel in which we are inspired by our state

of mind, which is like a large palette of colors: red

when we feel passionate, if we are tranquil blue, or

black when we feel mysterious. And as our moods change always brings colormanic cyzone: enamel,

10 different colors, to express yourself by changing

the color of your nails as often as you want without

fear of damaging them.

nail polish


Collect them all: manic pink, orange manic, manic cherry, fuchsia manic, manic green, purple manic, manic black, lilac manic, manic manic blue and brown. 10 vivid colors to fill color and emotion all your days. Learn more about colormanic and other products in cyzone offers. Enter and find out all the news we have for you!


For catalog, contacting a consulting brand around the island at: 787-641-3235 or Web: / Price: $ 14.00