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Album Reviews

  • Friends & Lovers

Friends & Lovers - Marsha Ambrosius

July17, 2014| by Shana Morgan


Marsha Ambrosius's highly anticipated sophomore album Friends & Lovers holds true to the name. Smooth and sexy, this album features cameos from Charlie Wilson and Dr. Dre.  Never afraid to push the envelope, Friends & Lovers unfolds with sensually kinky tracks, "So Good", "Night Time", "69" hence the parental advisory.  Some may find heavily sexual themes a little risqué, but Ambrosius's soft, melodic vocals envelop each song with a mature, jazzy feel.  Easy favorites "Run" (lead single), "You & I" and "OMG I Miss You" ring with beautiful vocals as Marsha touches on love, loss and regret.  Ambrosius also covers Sade's "Stronger Than Pride" with a new hip hop flare in "Stronger" featuring Dr. Dre.  Friends & Lovers is a must have for true R&B lovers.



Marsha Ambrosius


  • New York: A Love Story

New York: A Love Story - Mack Wilds

April 22, 2014| By markO


New York: A Love Story the debut album by Mack Wilds or should I say Tristan Wilds from "the Wire"? Who knew that this guy was so multi-talented? This album pumps from the jump with good vibes, up-tempo tracks and a New Jack Swing! Let’s just say “It’ll have you circling around the block a few times before arriving to your destination”! With guest appearances by Method Man, Raekwon and Dougie Fresh to bring that ol’ thing back. Oh and its a few bangers on here, one in particular called “Magic”…. woooh! If this album doesn’t move you… well then, you don’t have a pulse! Don’t fight the feeling… sit back, relax, kick your feet up and ride the rhythm.





  • Sailing Out by Jhene’ Aiko

Sailing Out by Jhene’ Aiko

April 16, 2014 | By MarkO


Do you remember “Lil Fizz’s” cousin Jhené Aiko? ….I’ll wait (Lol). Despite growing up together, she is not related to him. Linking Aiko to Lil Fizz was a marketing ploy used to piggyback on the phenomenal success of B2K. Fast-forward to 2013, Jhené Aiko’s heavenly vocals were placed throughout Drake's "NWTS Album” where her unmistakable sound stood out on the track “From Time.” Well, now she releases her debut EP on Def Jam Recording Label, titled "Sailing Out.”
As you become blanketed in the music, Jhenés lyrics draw you into her world, “the Jhené Aiko Experience,” if you will. Her delivery is so angelic, clear and very melodic. With features from the likes of Childish Gambino, Vince Staples, and Kendrick Lamar, this (EP) is sure to be a smash! She really connects with her audience as she pours her heart and soul into every track. The direction of this album contrast with the ups and downs of relationships, heartbreaks, and lovemaking. The two tracks that I enjoyed the most were Comfort Inn Ending and Stay Ready/What a Life. "Comfort Inn Ending” this song gave me chill bumps I could feel her emotions... she pours her whole being into this track! "Stay Ready (What a Life)" is a banger as well, featuring Kendrick Lamar, the change up occurs around 4:00 minutes into the song to “What a Life” then ish gets real!
            This will be Akko’s first release under the label after leaving her contract with Sony Records in 2003. If you're a lover of great music, this album is definitely worth purchasing! 



  • The Only Way

The Only Way

April 11, 2014


Multi-platinum Grammy, Stellar and Dove Award winning songstress, Yolanda Adams, has released a special live version of her classic song, "The Only Way". The 2014 version of this classic song was recorded live at the 2014 BET Celebration of Gospel. The brand new live song is available exclusively on iTunes, courtesy, BET's "Celebration of Gospel".

Purchase/Download Link: "The Only Way (Live at BET Celebration of Gospel)"