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guest list for sheen

guest list for sheen


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Who’s That Girl: DeDe McGuire

Nationally syndicated radio personality DeDe McGuire juggles 60+ hr work days and new husband.

by Sharee Atkins


Radio personality and self-proclaimed cougar DeDe McGuire is the super-woman of radio media. Currently, she hosts two successful weekday radio shows that begin and end at opposite ends of the day. On The upbeat and urban K104 Morning Show, DeDe brings life to her listeners during their commutes to work as the lead host. As her listeners leave the office, DeDe can be heard on radio stations across the nation as the vibrant, goofy and downright real co-host to Doug-Banks on the nationally syndicated Doug Banks Show. Somewhere in the midst of her busy life, she found time to tie the knot with a man that she described with a grin as a handsome, “African-American man who ain’t got no kids.” DeDe juggles her busy professional life all while maintaining a close bond with her new man in a seeming effortless manner. She even has a new project in the works! She left Sheen wondering, how the heck does she do it?  

Sheen: How old are you?
DM: Sexy!


Sheen: How do you manage to balance your personal and professional lives?
DM: My husband travels a lot so we look forward to the weekends. When I met him I’d just started my second job so I let him know, ‘you’re not getting a home cooked meal’ 


Sheen: What are some misunderstanding that come from being on-air?
DM: I joke about Beyonce’ [but] I adore her. I’m her biggest fan. What a lot of people forget is that our job on the radio is to entertain…that is kind of apart of the game


Sheen: Rumor has it that you’re working on a television show. Can you share the details?
DM: No, it’s not true. Underground producers are always sending offers but…[awkward silence] I am working on a 3rd radio show!


Be on the look our for DeDe’s new website and follow her on twitter @RadioDeDe.