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guest list for sheen

guest list for sheen

guest list for sheen


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Streeter Style

Artist Sevyn Streeter is using life, love, and relationships as the inspiration behind her new album.

by Holly Clay | March 1, 2013


Singer/ Songwriter Sevyn Streeter may be new to your ears, but she is not at all new to the music industry. She has been serious about singing since she was a contestant on Showtime at the Apollo at the age of 10. She’s had a music deal, she’s been in a girl group. Today, the seasoned artist is putting together an album that will reflect her style while giving us something to move with.

Sheen: Is Sevyn your real name?
Streeter Style: No, it’s not. It’s my birthday, July 7.


Sheen: What would you say is your sound?

Streeter Style: I grew up on R&B and church music. My sound and the sound of the album are urban with a little bit of pop.


Sheen: When is your album going to drop?

Streeter Style: We will put out the album when we feel like we have a really great body of work. We will release it when we are confident in it.


Sheen: What are the themes of your songs so far?
Streeter Style: Some are about relationships- women and men and life. They are about experiences both I and my friends have gone through; heartaches, heartbreaks, and being in love. It is a life album about life experiences.


Sheen: Who is your favorite singer?
Streeter Style: My top three are Brandi, Beyonce, and Janet Jackson. I can’t choose just one, and I love them all for different reasons.